Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest

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Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest is a bidding and bluffing game set in the dark fantasy world of Court of the Dead.
•VIE FOR POWER AND SAVE LOST SOULS. In this highly interactive bidding game set in Sideshow’s original dark-fantasy universe, you are trapped between the heavenly host and the demonic horde, charged with harvesting the souls of mortals and dividing them evenly between these two corrupt celestial overlords.
•BID AND BLUFF. All of your guile and wits will be put to the test. In support of Alltaker, the leader of the underworld and his covert rebellion against Heaven and Hell, you must secretly gather your forces and work to save as many souls as possible. If the Dark Harvest comes up short, nothing will save you from the celestials’ wrath.
•WIN THROUGH TREACHERY OR ALTRUISM. Choose your strategies wisely in Court of the Dead’s Two Main Phases of Gameplay. Win the favor of powerful members of the court to aid your cause in the Court Phase, while satisfying the demands of the Celestials and saving as many souls as you can in the Harvest Phase. The player who is able to shepherd the most souls to safety, behind their player screen, will win the game.
•PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT. Awesome to play with friends and family, games night, at a party, office party, sleepovers, birthdays, dinner parties or even in the park. Have a fun night discovering friends and family members’ strategy skills and power of persuasion! Watch how the game changes with different players! Play again and again—this game is highly replayable, with multiple paths to victory, and unpredictable outcomes
•WHAT’S INSIDE: Includes high-quality GameTrayz for easy setup and storage. Playtime is 30 – 45 minutes. Supports between 3–6 Players.

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