Critical Role 20-Sided Die

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Take your very own polyhedral piece of Critical Role’s epic second campaign to your next session with the official Mighty Nein 20-Sided oversized die! Stand out among fellow adventurers with a d20 that will bring the Mighty Nein’s chaos to any table with epic successes and brilliant failures. Please note, we are not responsible for any mischief or mayhem caused by rolling this die.
•Collectible Critical Role 20-sided die featuring The Mighty Nein emblem in the 20 spot
•High-quality durable d20 dice perfect for your next game night involving dice games, D&D, RPG games, teaching counting and math skills, or for other game
•Easy to read 20-sided orange with yellow pearl polyhedral die with clear numbering for quick reference
•Material: Dice made from acrylic for maximum durability during gameplay and are easy to roll, waterproof and oxidation-proof
•1 Die | Players 1+ | Ages 14+ | 15+ Min Play Time

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