Cyberpunk RPG: NeoTribes

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The book introduces a new character class, the Nomad, an outback drifter that has given up, or chosen not to engage in, the life of the big city, but rather to live a simpler, tribal-like life. Neo Tribes goes into detail the history of the nomads, their cultures and backgrounds as well as a section on the seven largest nomad nations. There are 3 chapters dedicated to creating and running a nomad in custom campaigns as well as their life path, equipment and how they fit into a traditional game. The final section of the book is a mini-adventure specifically for the Nomad character and it set around the Chicago Reconstruction Project.
•NeoTribes is a complete view of nomad culture in the wilds of post-collapse America.
•The seven major nations are described in detail including bios, equipment, new roles, vehicles, and background.
•Plus a nomad's map of America, and an adventure that immerses your players in nomad culture and the Chicago Reconstruction Project.

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