Die of the Dead

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It's time to set up the altar and cook the food; light the candles and incense, hang the decorations and don't forget the flowers! It's Dia de Muertos, the holiday when the souls of the deceased return to the world of the living to reunite with their families in a celebration that has no borders. The Day of the Dead honours the memory of the dead and allows the living to show them that they have not been forgotten, so be the first to guide souls back to the land of the living!
•Die of the Dead is a Dia de Muertos themed dice game, in which players play the role of friendsly spirites guiding souls back to the land of the living.
•Die of the Dead contains stunning components, including a set of 3D marigold, 4 Dia de Muertos caskets, 75 dice and more.
•These enable unique gameplay, combinging elements of dice, memory and tactics in a race to the land of the living.
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 45 Minutes Playing Time

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