Digimon Card Game: Alternative Being Booster Box

BandaiSKU: BJP2680592

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Presenting a lineup of Digimon centered on non standard digivolutions! Features the official debut of [GreyKnightsmon] and also includes the Omnimon derived [Omnimon Alter S]! This is a booster set made for Digimon fans! Also includes Digimon linked to the popular [Royal Knights] theme! This set can be used to power up [Gallantmon], [Sakuyamon], and [MegaGargomon] decks from EX02!
•A new opposing force appears, awakening an "Alternative" instinct!
•Featuring tons of Digimon with unique Digivolution lines such as ChaosGallantmon!
•24 packs per box
•Each booster pack contains 12 cards
•BOX PROMOTION: Each Box contains 1 of 7 alternate art card.

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