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Now that the scientific triumph of Dinosaur cloning is public knowledge, competition is hot and new parks spring up regularly. Though many of these amateurs are opening their gates before everything has been safety-tested, there’s no shortage of patrons eager to be entertained by extinct behemoths! As with any form of entertainment, triumph is often accompanied by tragedy - which is why your investors demand that you take every precaution (and ensure every visitor signs the safety waiver) before you show them the wonders of Dinosaur World! Each round, you’ll draft a group of Workers from the Worker Database to run your park for a full season. Then you’ll divide up those Workers to take on the various tasks of building and running your Park - gathering ancient DNA, cloning new Dinos, buying new attractions, and keeping your patrons safe from a toothy demise. The better you run your park, the more Victory Points you’ll score!
•Family-Friendly Fun - Streamlined gameplay and accessible graphic design makes this the perfect strategy game for teens and adults who love dinosaurs!
•Great Replay Value - With 18 different objective cards and randomized setup of tiles, no two games will be the same - providing hours of strategic dinosaur fun!
•Premium Pieces - Includes 9 translucent amber-like dice, 70+ plastic dinosaur meeples, 60+ large hexagonal attraction tiles, and double-layered player boards that keep all your cubes in place!
•2-4 Players, Ages 10+, 60-120 Minutes

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