Disney Maleficent Zippermouth Plush Figure, 9"

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She’s an iconic Disney villain with virtually limitless magical powers. She can even transform into a fearsome dragon! So there’s only one way to make Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, appear cute and cuddly. And that’s to turn her into a collectible plush Zippermouth! Inspired by the classic Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty, the Maleficent Dragon Zippermouth joins our new series of adorable, slightly naughty, chibi-styled plush monsters. Charming, edgy and packed with personality, Zippermouth are so full of details and quality they will appeal to even the most discerning adult collector.
•The Maleficent Dragon Zippermouth features individually stuffed claws, embroidery of all surface details (Zippermouth never use print detailing), decorative top-stitching on her towering horns and custom-dyed fabric that’s super soft to the touch.
•She comes complete with her signature dragon wings, a spiky tail, bright yellow eyes, and vibrant purple scales so Maleficent is every bit as stunning as she is on screen.
•And, of course, all Zippermouth feature their trademark zippered smile. Just unzip to reveal Maleficent’s forked tongue!
•Zippermouth are certain to inspire joy with interactivity and active play like no other collectible plush.
•It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, so snuggle up with the Maleficent Dragon Zippermouth. She’s really just a big softy.

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