Disney Showcase Alien Remix Ratatouille Remy Figurine, 2.5"

EnescoSKU: enesco6009034

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Disney Showcase Collection brings your favorite Disney characters and cinematic moments to life as never before. Our Disney dedicated employees, work with talented Disney artists, sculptors and painters to create intricately detailed collections coveted by Disney enthusiasts around the world. The Pizza Planet aliens seem to be attending a Pixar party this evening. Masquerading as their favorite characters, the aliens don an array of Disney disguises. This one dresses as Ratatouille’s mouse, Remy, with his signature chef hat.
•ENESCO FIGURINE: from the Disney Showcase collection
•DESIGN: features the Pizza Planet aliens masquerading as their favorite characters, in an array of fun Disney disguises!
•HAND-CRAFTED: from high-quality stone resin material and hand-painted by skilled artisans
•PACKAGED: in a windowed gift box
•DIMENSIONS: 2.25" L x 1.5" W x 2.5" H

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