Doctor Who RPG (Second Edition): Adventures in Space

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Adventures in Space provides a whole host of planets to explore for your Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game adventures, including rules for creating your own new alien worlds, along with their inhabitants. Twenty planets from the series are covered, as well as new, exciting environments for the Gamemaster to set their epic adventures. Each entry provides plenty of adventure ideas, as well as a glimpse into each planet’s history.
•Alien creation rules - create new adversaries and NPCs for your alien worlds, or even new alien characters to join Team TARDIS.
•Starship and space station creation rules - you don’t have to explore the Universe with a TARDIS, with revised spaceship creation rules to get you travelling the stars.
•Alien world creation - new vistas to explore, strange places to see.
•A selection of planets from the series - want to return to Skaro, Trenzalore, Karn, or Akhaten? We’ve got you covered! Each planet looks at its environment and history, and provides adventure ideas to get you started.

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