Doomtown: Weird West Edition Base Set

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Welcome to Doomtown, where you try to gain control of a western town set in the Weird West of Deadlands. In this world, cowpokes good and bad wield guns, steampunk gadgets, and spells of all sorts, and death is sometimes just a minor inconvenience. In Deadwood, South Dakota, Eagle Woman That All Looks at tries to enforce a fragile treaty. Hao-T'e Zui's Anarchists fight for the townsfolk that E.B. Farnum's consortium of Entrepreneurs are trying to drive out of business. Bass Reeves, the West's most prominent Marshal, arrives in pursuit of the notorious outlaw, Jessica Patchett, who's trying to escape her bloody past. And out in the Badlands, Ursula's cult prepares to summon the power of the great Worm.
•The new Doomtown: Weird West Edition Base Set for Doomtown!
•This is for entry level players and includes 2x of each card, enough to build at least 3 playable decks.
•One Base Set is all you need to have fun!!!
•This standalone base set for Doomtown accomodates 1-3 players. Add another set of Doomtown: Weird West Edition to accommodate 4-6 players.
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

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