Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Zenkai-Starter Deck: Green Fusion

BandaiSKU: DBS-SD19

Sale price$15.99


A pre-built Saiyan-themed starter set! A new card type, the [Z-Leader], makes user-popular Leader’s deck even stronger! It will be attractive not only to new players but also to old players! The first booster contains expansion parts for each starter! Creating powerful synergies by combining starters and boosters! The Leader card and the [Z-Leader] card have the same silver foil and gold stamp as the booster set SR! In addition, they come with different illustrations from the booster, making them highly valuable to collectors!
•This product consists of 50 cards, 1 Leader card and 1 Z-Battle card, a rule manual, and a play sheet.
•This product includes a ready-to-play 51-card deck that you can use to start the game immediately.
•1 card from 4 types is randomly inserted in a ZENKAI Start Pack.
•Due to the nature of the product, multiples of one card may appear, or it may be difficult to assemble a full set.
•The packaging illustration may differ somewhat from the final product.

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