Dragon Ball Z Symbols 3 Pair Crew Socks, 10-13


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Take your style up to super saiyan levels with these Dragon Ball Z casual crew socks. THe socks come in orange, gray, and blue and feature symbols from the anime series. The orange sock displays the kanji for Master Roshi’s turtle school while the gray sock features the saiyan symbol in red. The blue sock shows the logo for Capsule Corp. The gray and blue socks have black stripes. Fans of the Dragon Ball Z series will love the fun design on these socks.
•CUSTOM DESIGN: Symbols from Goku’s adventures decorate these socks. Master Roshi’s kanji symbol appears on the orange sock while the super saiyan symbol appears in red on the gray sock. The final sock comes in blue and shows the Capsule Corp. logo.
•STRETCHY FABRIC: These socks are made from a comfortable blend of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, letting the fabric move and stretch with you whether you hit the gym for a workout or rest on a comfy chair at home.
•THREE PAIRS: With three pairs of socks, you can bring a bit of anime to your work week. With a choice between orange, blue, and gray socks, you can find a pair to match with any outfit or any pair of shoes.
•CASUAL CREW: These socks will keep your feet and calves comfy and cozy as you train at the dojo or relax on a comfortable couch at home watching your favorite episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime series.
•MACHINE WASHABLE: Throw these socks in a load of laundry with like colors and turn the machine to cold for easy care. Avoid using bleach to keep the custom designs bright and colorful. Tumble dry on low heat to protect the socks from shrinking.

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