Drako: Knights & Trolls

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In Drako: Knights and Trolls, one player leads a team of three adventurers whose goal is to defeat two Trolls. He must do this within a certain time (before their deck of cards is exhausted) - then he will win the game. Each character has their own unique skills, the proper use of which is the key to success. The second player controls two Trolls - their goal is to stay alive or defeat the Golden Team. When the opponent's deck of cards is exhausted - The trolls remain where they are, continuing to harass the surrounding villages and thus win, and also win if they manage to defeat all humans.
•Amazing graphics will introduce you to a fantasy world where Trolls and other amazing creatures reign. The effect is complemented by high-quality figures of Trolls and members of the Golden Team.
•The brilliant mechanics created by Adam Kałuża are perfected - smooth, balanced, and at the same time uncomplicated. The card management system and special abilities will allow you to plan tactical games and surprise your opponent. Additionally, the gameplay itself is very dynamic.
•Asymmetry in faction management requires you to adapt your strategy to the capabilities of your group; we are constantly re-learning the game;
•The ability to combine with the first part of Drako gives you new strategic options. Dragon Fighting with Trolls? Or maybe Dwarves versus Humans? See for yourself which version you like best.

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