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Build Your Dream! Dream Home puts you behind the drafting table, designing and building the most beautiful home on the block. Select rooms to fill your board over the course of twelve rounds, earning points for more extravagant spaces and a functional home. Hire helpers to make changes to your three-story abode, fill your expansive rooms with luxurious items, and stock up on handy tools with unique abilities.
•The rules are incredibly simple and easy to explain. The game mechanics is so intuitive that you can play with a complete rookie. Even kindergarteners, with their parents’ help, can start their furnishing adventure!
•As a game with almost no negative interaction, “Dream Home” is perfect for players who seek board games to play in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone is focused on their own house and has all the rooms ready by the end of the game, so no one is destroying the other person’s hard work.
•Thanks to possibility to expand rooms, existence of décor elements, and cards allowing to change the placement of the cards on your home board, you can show off your planning skills. The final success depends fully on the player’s ability to make good choices and effectively put room cards on his board.
•The game contains 108 various beautifully drawn, detailed cards with unique and fantastic rooms which will definitely catch your eye and make you want to play more and more!
•2-4 Players | Ages 7+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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