DCC: Dying Earth #3 - Magnific Machinations at the Grand Exposition of Marvels

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Goodman Games is proud to announce the release of DCC DE #3 Magnificent Machinations at the Great Exposition of Marvels. This adventure presents a lavish and strange competition of magicians, inventors, and mountebanks vying for a fabulous prize. When the Crystal of Ciz goes missing, the PCs must contend with corrupt merchants and demon-bound witches to reclaim it, relying as often on deduction and investigation as swordplay and spellcraft to solve the crime.
•Magnificent Machinations at the Great Exposition of Marvels is a softcover adventure for 3rd level characters.
•Inside it are details about the City of Cuirnif, the Manse Ashtark, and a new spell for your DCC Dying Earth campaign.
•Although designed for DCC Dying Earth, it can easily be integrated into any DCC RPG setting with minimum changes.
•Based on The Dying Earth Book Series by Jack Vance.

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