Dungeon Crawl Classics: Dying Earth #4 - Mind-Weft of the Moonstone Palace

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Goodman Games presents DCC DE #4 Mind-Weft of the Moonstone Palace as the next adventure in its DCC Dying Earth product line. Travel to the lands north of the Falling Wall, where rumors spread of the strange disappearance of magicians and the reappearance of a magical palace thought long destroyed. Upon venturing within the palace, the adventurers discover that time itself has fractured.
•Mind-Weft of the Moonstone Palace is a softcover adventure for 4th-level characters.
•The module challenges players by presenting multiple timelines woven together to create a unique adventuring experience.
•Although designed for DCC Dying Earth, it can easily be integrated into any DCC RPG setting with minimum changes.
•Based on The Dying Earth Book Series by Jack Vance.

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