Dungeon Crawl Classics (Holiday Module #12): Love Mutants of Castle Heartache

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Olathvee, Mad Un-God of mortal passion, lies heartsick after his romantic advances went ignored by the otherworldly object of his affection. Now his cosmic desolation grips our entire world, separating every lover from their other and threatening to end civilization within a generation. The only chance for mankind is a dangerous quest that will pit our lovelorn heroes against Olathvee’s own castle guardians, mutated by metaphysical anguish into horrifying creatures. Who dares to delve into the darkest, loneliest corners of Castle Heartache?
•Ever been dumped so hard you transformed into a bloodthirsty mutant monster? We see you, hero.
•This is a 3rd level holiday adventure inspired by true events.
•Includes original Valentine’s card images to give out to your…loved ones?

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