Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Character Record Folio

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Goodman Games presents the DCC RPG Character Record Folio, the perfect way to track your character’s progression from a zero-level gongfarmer to a mighty hero. From ability scores to the names of the demons who clamor for your soul, you’ll find a place to record it all. This 16-page gaming aid provides all the space necessary to record every aspect of your character. The Character Record Folio also contains handy reference tables, sections for use with MCC RPG, DCC Lankhmar, and DCC Dying Earth characters, wet/dry erase friendly areas for recording important if fleeting character information, plus two interior cover pockets for storing extra gaming records, maps, and other material you might need at the gaming table. For use with DCC RPG.
•The most complete character sheet ever produced by Goodman Games.
•Includes pockets on the inside front and back to store extra material.
•Dry erase-friendly sections for recording fleeting information.
•Cover artwork by Doug Kovacs.

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