Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Waterdeep

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Journey to Waterdeep, as you explore haunted streets, crowded ports, labyrinthine hedge mazes, and even take on Xanathar! As you speed your marker through the seven different, increasingly challenging dungeons, you'll fight monasters, find treasure, cast spells, collect artifacts, and more! In addition, you'll be racing through randomly drawn all new mini-dungeons! You can even play a round just using these mini dungeon cards to challenge your opponents to face unique boss encounters! Get ready to scrawl your way to riches!
•LIGHTING FAST - The real-time, lighting-fast dungeon racing game is back with new challenges, new dungeons and a new game mode! Race your opponents through a thrilling dungeon scrawl!
•STAND ALONE GAME has everything you need to play through its challenging dungeons, and a new mini-dungeon mode! 16 Double-sided Dungeon Sheets, 5 Characters, 16 Mini-dungeon cards, 4 Boss, Key, orb and Coin tokens, 4 Markers, Rulebook.
•NEW MODE! - The game includes a deck of “mini-dungeon” cards for when you drop to a deeper layer of the dungeon. Each one is unique, providing different paths for players. You can play an always-changing game mode with just the dungeon cards.
•EXPLORE NEW LOCATIONS - Journey to Waterdeep, as you explore a wide variety of locations: haunted streets, crowded ports, labyrinthine hedge mazes, and even take on Xanathar in his lair!
•PERFECT FOR GAME NIGHT - Prepare for an intense 15 minute race for 2-4 players, ages 10 +. Speed through the dungeons using a single line, along the way facing challenges that earn them points.

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