Dungeons & Dragons: Three-Dragon Ante: Giants War

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Long ago, dragons and giants fought a thousand-year war…and the human survivors commemorated the battles by adding the giants to their high stakes card game of luck and skill, THREE-DRAGON ANTE! With over 100 new cards THREE-DRAGON ANTE: Giants War adds a whole new way to play the classic Dungeons & Dragons® standalone card game! You’ll mix in new Giant suits, while you split the stakes in two: the Dragon Stakes and the Giants Stakes. Players fight for the stakes where their flight is strongest, giving you new routes to victory! There is also a new way to find Legendary Dragons and the new Giant Gods. New powers let players draw powerful cards from the Legendary deck!
•Giants War: Expand the classic D&D card game with new ways to play and over 100 new cards!
•Build the best hand in order to take the pot!
•Enjoy this fast paced card game.
•Giants War is an expansion and requires Three-Dragon Ante: Legendary Edition to play.
•3-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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