Dungeons & Lasers: Swamps of Doom | 5E Compatible

Archon StudioSKU: ARCDNL0064

Sale price$69.99


As you venture into these uncharted lands, make sure that your boat is well-protected. The creatures inhabiting this place will gladly ensure that you won't be able to escape their clutches. Moreover, do not trust every sound that reaches your ears, for these trees revel in playing tricks on wanderers, luring them into their haunting embrace. Once you set foot onto the platform, you may find temporary respite, but beware... the true journey has only just begun.
•CLEAR PLASTIC - Perfect solution for glass-like parts.
•DURABILITY - Impact and damage resistant.
•RICH IN DETAILS - Looks good both on the shelf and on the mat.
•EASY ASSEMBLY - Cut and glue the parts with ease!
•Requires manual assembly and painting.

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