Emerge Board Game


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New islands have emerged from the ocean and as scientists, you must research the new, developing ecosystems present there! Watch the islands on the board grow in three dimensions as you learn more about them, and add colorful plants and animals to each island as you explore their ecosystems. Each round, earn points by rolling your dice and using them to collect research and make discoveries. All players start with the same research board, however throughout the game you’ll be able to modify your own board and change what you’re researching. After 8 rounds, score points based on how flourished and bio-diverse your islands are and varying research objectives.
•RESEARCH NEWLY-EMERGED ISLANDS: Dive into the role of scientists and study developing ecosystems on newly risen islands.
•EXPLORE 3D ISLANDS: Watch islands grow in three dimensions as you learn about them and populate them with vibrant plants and animals.
•DICE-BASED RESEARCH: Roll dice, gather research, and make discoveries to earn points and modify your research board.
•STRATEGIC CUSTOMIZATION: Modify your research board throughout the game, changing your focus and adapting your strategy.
•SCORE POINTS FOR BIODIVERSITY: After 8 rounds, earn points based on island flourishment, biodiversity, and research objectives.

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