Escape The Dark Sector Mission Pack 1: Twisted Tech | The Game of Deep Space Adventure

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Discover the bizarre and disturbing technology of the far future, where sinister intentions and limitless possibilities collide...Twisted Tech is an expansion pack for ESCAPE THE DARK SECTOR, introducing new rules and content to enhance your adventures.
•EMBRACE THE FUTURE: Dive into the enigmatic world of the far future, where malevolent intentions and boundless possibilities intersect, with the Twisted Tech Mission Pack for Escape The Dark Sector.
•DRONE SELECTION: Before each mission, make a strategic choice by selecting one of three specialized drones to accompany your crew—the Replication Drone, the Surgical Drone, or the Sentry Drone.
•ADVANCED ARMAMENT: Outfit your crew with cutting-edge weaponry and gear, including a Teleporter, Sniper rifle, and Flame Thrower, complemented by unique special ammo dice.
•TECH DIE MECHANIC: Roll the Tech Die to activate new drones, resolve specific chapter cards, and determine the formidable power of the expansion's new boss—Neuroshima!
•ENRICHED ADVENTURES: Elevate your Escape the Dark Sector experience with fresh challenges, deeper strategy, and an intriguing narrative as you confront the mysteries of Twisted Tech.

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