Espana 1936 Board Game (Includes the Expansion: La Armada)


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Spain, July 1936: The tranquility of the Spanish countryside is shattered as two opposing historical forces collide: On one side, the authoritarian Nacional; on the other, the democratically aligned Republicana. Experience the events of this pivotal historical conflict in a unique and immersive way with Espana 1936!
•16 years after its first publication, España 1936 returns to stores with a completely renewed art and in an edition that includes the expansion “The Armada”, the 1938 scenario and the addition of 8 cards, for optional use, which add uncertainty to the events. Ready for a true historical immersion?
•The objective of each of the two sides is to win the war by dominating the territories. One of the players will lead the troops loyal to the government of the Republic and the other the rebels, who called themselves nationals.
•The game can be won by controlling more objective zones than the opposing player at the end of ten turns, or before, by meeting one of the automatic victory conditions (that the national side controls Madrid before turn 3, for example).
•Also includes the expansion La Armada.
•2 Players | Ages 14+ | 180 Minutes Playing Time

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