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Your sun is expanding, roasting your planet. Soon all life will die. But hope lies only a stone’s throw away – a new planet, rich in the plant life that will provide food and oxygen for your people. You have the means to get there. Now, it is time to fly. In Evacuation, players lead their nations on a mission to establish civilizations on the New World. Players compete for the best landing sites in a race to see who can build their new home first. You start the game with a fully functioning economy. But to survive, you must dismantle that economy and relocate it to the New World. Building up the New World requires resources. Maybe you can ship them in. Maybe you can get the planet to start producing resources for itself. Work fast. You only have 4 rounds. If you can build three stadiums on the New World and increase all production to level 8, you win. Otherwise, players compare scores after 4 rounds. The game also includes modules for alternative modes of play.
•ESTABLISH A NEW CIVILIZATION: In the game Evacuation, players lead their nations, embarking on a mission to pioneer civilizations in the New World. The objective is to outpace others in constructing their home.
•7 PHASES OF GAMEPLAY: Income, Actions, Transport, Turn Order, Progress, Bonuses, and Cleanup.
•NEW WORLD: Your goal is to have a thriving civilization on the New World. This requires: stadiums, food, steel, and energy productions along with evacuating as many of your Old World sites as possible.
•SOLO OR COMPETITIVE PLAY: Designed for 1-4 players, making it an ideal choice for an enjoyable game night or play a session on your own.

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