Everdell: Spirecrest (2nd Edition)

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Far beyond the comfortable borders of the Everdell valley, deep into mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered. Weather cards impose challenging limitations to overcome. Discover cards that let players encounter intrepid new critters and locations on their journey, providing unique new strategies and abilities! Big Critters are unique workers with interesting and helpful abilities, who also serve as trusty mounts!
•Spirecrest is an expansive and challenging new expansion, sure to surprise and delight even the most seasoned of Everdell players.
•This expansion features a new Mountain board, Discovery cards, Weather cards, Big Critters, Maps and Expeditions!
•3 extra Big Critter meeples and saddles 9 new Discovery cards More Critters! Owls, Moles, Lizards!
•1-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 40-100 Minutes Playing Time

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