Evolution: Another World Board Game

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Evolution: Another World is a brand-new family game from the beloved Evolution series. It takes place in a magical world inhabited by incredible creatures. In the game, you create your own creatures, infuse them with energy, and evolve them with traits that’ll help them to thrive in a perilous and unpredictable environment. Once your creatures obtain enough energy, they’ll transmute and ascend to a completely new level of existence. Transmute three creatures before your opponents do!
•SAME IDEA - DIFFERENT APPROACH. The game keeps the idea and spirit of Evolution: New World, however, creatures cannot die , and there's no Victory Point scoring;
•ACCESSIBLE FAMILY GAME WITH A STUNNING DESIGN. The rules are intuitive, the gameplay is fast and dynamic, and the components are vivid and colorful;
•SOLO MODE. You can explore Another World solo and compete with a formidable virtual opponent.
•1-4 Players | Ages 11+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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