Evolution: New World - Butterfly Effect

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An ecosystem combines living organisms and the environment, which exist in close connection with each other. A change in any element affects the entire ecosystem, but due to its stability, equilibrium is quickly restored. Sometimes, a random event leads to the butterfly effect, an unpredictable cascade of changes that can completely transform the biosphere.
•Butterfly Effect is an add-on expansion to the game Evolution: New World.
•The new animal traits allow you to fine-tune the game ecosystem, create new survival strategies, and maybe even win the Alien World scenario.
•With Butterfly Effect, you can increase the number of players up to 6 by adding the expansion components to the base set of Evolution: New World.
•If you’re playing with two or three people, simply remove half of the cards for convenience — the game includes 2 copies of each trait and Area card, except for the Anglerfish card (6 copies). Shuffle the Evolution deck and Area cards deck thoroughly.
•1-6 Players | Ages 11+ | 30+ Minutes Playing Time

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