Fall of the Mountain King

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Defend your mountain home! Fall of the Mountain King is a standalone prequel to the award winning In the Hall of The Mountain King. Build your ancestry to drive your actions in the caverns, win the loyalty of the clan Champions, and strive to be trolldom's greatest defender against the gnomish onslaught.
•CUSTOM-BUILD YOUR ANCESTRY: A clever connection puzzle you create for yourself, that drives your capabilities.
•OUTPLAY YOUR COMPETITION: Tense area-control where you don't attack your rivals, you outmaneuver them. Be the one on the front lines against the Gnomes!
•SWAY MIGHTY CHAMPIONS: Tons of Champions to win over, bursting with unique strategy-changing powers.
•FIGHT FOR EVERY CAVERN: The mountain is doomed… but its most valiant defender will become a Troll legend!
•1-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 30 Minutes Per Player

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