Fantasy AGE (Adventure Game Engine): Companion

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Level up your campaign with the Fantasy AGE Companion! Once you`ve been playing with the Basic Rulebook for a while, you`ll want more options and this book has you covered. Try out one of the new races or customize your current character with new talents. Explore new specializations like the martial artist and delver, new arcana like Beast and Death, and new spells for all the existing arcana. There are also rules for chases, relationships, organizations, mass combat and much more. The Companion is an indispensable addition to your Fantasy AGE campaign!
•New character races for Fantasy AGE, from the primal Beastfolk to the mechanical Orean
•New talents and specializations, including Bard, Beastmaster, Diplomat, Gunfighter, and Martial Artist
•New magical arena, new spells, advanced rewards, mighty artifacts, and more!
•Rules for mass combat, organizations, vehicle, chase, and structure
•Hardcover (128 Pages)

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