Fifth Edition Fantasy: Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower

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Goodman Games presents a supplement for Fifth Edition Fantasy, Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower, a collection of new game material ready to add to your game. The diabolical forces of the serpent god Set clash with the Mitra’s faithful legions in the sandy wastes of the Lostlands. Herein, you will find new foes to battle, allies, recently rediscovered new enchantments, and wondrous magic items, unearthed from the wastes of the desert. All are presented in a ready-to-use fifth edition format.
•Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower is an all-new softcover collection new monsters, spells, and magic items.
•Fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy role playing game.
•This new material is perfect to import into a Dark Tower campaign, or any existing campaign with a desert theme.
•Softcover edition

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