Final Fantasy TCG: 2022 Anniversary Collection Set

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This set contains one preconstructed, 50-card deck. The deck includes three cards each of three kinds of new promo cards, for a total of nine cards. For each kind, one of the cards will be a Full Art Foil card. This includes Squall [PR-108], featuring Toshitaka Matsuda’s original art, which is also used to illustrate the box! Between the deck and the other cards, the Anniversary Collection Set 2022 includes a total of 12 kinds of Legend cards. The deck contains Cloud [8-006L], Zidane [8-115L], and Ashe [10-106L]; there are two cards included for each of these three kinds. All of the Legend cards within the set come with two copies; one will be a Standard card, and the other will be a Standard Full Art card (not a Premium Foil version).
•Preconstructed Deck: 50 cards
•Reprint Cards: 200 cards
•Commemorative PR Card: 3 copies
•Quick Starter Guide: 1
•Reversible Paper Play Mat: 1

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