Final Fantasy TCG: Rebellion's Call Booster Box

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Crystals, which brought new battle strategies to FFTCG, join us once again in Rebellion’s Call, and with the additional introduction of characters from BEFORE CRISIS -FINAL FANTASY VII-, the world of FFTCG evolves even further. Rebellion’s Call also includes premium versions of starter cards from TWO-PLAYER STARTER SET Golbez VS Cecil, which is planned for release on July 15, as well as premium versions of full art cards with new original artwork. The set is sure to be a must-have for collectors as well. Legacy cards appear once again in this set, with particularly popular cards from past sets included as premium full art cards. In Rebellion’s Call, the following three are included: Firion [6-019L], Veritas of the Dark [8-136L], and Y’shtola [12-119L]. These cards are not included as normal or standard premium cards.
•36 Packs per box
•Each pack contains 12 cards, randomly taken from a total of 130 + 163 premium cards.
•This box does not include any rulebook.
•A pack might contain 2 identical cards.
•Ages 13+

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