Firefly! Serenity Plush Slippers

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Fly around The Verse that is your domicile with a couple of Firefly-class transport ships on your feet! The first of their kind, Firefly have probably never seen something like this before. These Firefly Serenity Oversized Plush Slippers - Entertainment Earth Exclusives feature an impressively high amount of detail – almost every one of the Serenity’s nooks and crannies have been included, along with the Blue Sun logo, shuttles, and even protruding main engines to look exactly like the title ship from the popular Serenity movie and Firefly TV series by Joss Whedon. "Man walks down the street in a hat pair of slippers like that, you know he's not afraid of anything . . ." We're paraphrasing here, but you get it. If you're a fan of the Firefly TV series and Serenity movie, then you really need to get yourself a pair of these plush slippers with an ultra comfy bottom, complete with rubbery dots for traction. Use some fantastic foot-wear to fill the Firefly void in your life! Slippers measure 21-inches long x 12-inches wide and are one-size-fits-most. Made from 100% polyester. Ages 14 and up.
•The coolest slippers ever!
•Roam The Verse with the Serenity keeping your feet cozy.
•Firefly-class transport ships double as comfy oversized plush slippers.
•Firefly fans aren't able to get more episodes, so let these fill the void!
•Approximately 21" Long

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