Flex NBA Deluxe Starter Set First Mint Edition

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Flex NBA is the very first augmented reality board game that fuses professional sports with the latest in digital technology. Created in partnership with the NBA, FLEX NBA lets fans play as their favorite NBA player, using their 'superpowers' to take down opponents. To play, you will assemble your dream lineup of rising stars, MVPs, All Stars, and more. Then, watch as your favorite NBA players come to life during each turn of the game. FLEX NBA features limited edition, one-of-a-kind NBA player tile memorabilia that is beautifully hand drawn. You will pair your roster with special FX tiles to power them up and flex on your opponents, taking down their confidence points.
•First Mint edition
•Deluxe Edition includes 5 additional NBA Flexagons added to this box! (Set now contains 10 player Flexagons, 4 FX Tiles, and 1 full court game baord!)
•Each FLEX tile is embedded with the newest technology to authenticate each tile, making each one unrepeatable and as unique as a fingerprint.
•The owner of each tile can verify the authenticity and past ownership history of that tile, gathering the ultimate team and the rarest of FX tiles to beat any opponent that stands in their way.
•2 Players | Ages 6+

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