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The Food Court. It’s a haven for hungry and thirsty patrons as they go about their lives. But, for some, the Food Court is life. Every restaurant wants to attract the most customers, tailoring their menu and hiring famous chefs to work in their kitchen. In the end, only one will be the most successful. You wanna grab a bite to eat? In Foodies, players take on the role of managers in a Food Court. During the game, they will add new dishes to their menu, connecting the stars between different dishes. These recipes come from all over the world, granting different bonuses when added. What’s more, players can hire Chefs to work in their kitchens, including special, prestigious Chefs who are the best in the business. In the end, the player who gains the most Popularity will be declared the food master and win the game.
•Create the best combination of dishes to rule the Food Court
•Hire the Best Chefs: Hiring Chefs will increase your Popularity, special Chefs have special requirements to hire them, but they're worth even more Popularity
•Create the Best Dishes: A multitude of mouth-watering dishes will bring the people to you, choose your menu carefully and create the optimal mix of flavours
•Flavour Diversity: Each dish comes from a specific region, each region has its own bonuses when you add it to your menu
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 20-30 Minutes Playing Time

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