Forbidden Jungle: Survive the Wild | Cooperative Strategy Survival Board Game

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Low on fuel, your rocket’s guidance system leads you to a mysterious, abandoned, spaceport on remote moon. The spacecraft is completely overgrown with jungle and is infested with a colony of spider-like aliens who don’t take kindly to their nest being invited. It soon becomes clear why the port was abandoned as whole sections of the station begin dropping into sinkholes! Your only hope of escape is to put a transportation portal back in service. Perhaps it will take you to the planet below? Unfortunately, all of the portals are overgrown and without power. Can you power up a portal and make your escape before it’s too late.
•STRATEGIC BUT SIMPLE TO LEARN: Starry Night Sky is a perfect gateway game for gamers and those new to gaming to jump in and play with little setup.
•UNIQUE BLEND OF COMPETITIVE AND COOPERATIVE PLAY: All players contribute stars tokens to complete constellations and fill the night sky, but individuals will score based on their unique goals that remain hidden until the end of the game.
•BEAUTIFUL AND FUN: Starry Night Sky looks stunning on the table and features artwork with a whimsical nod with quality components including the telescope pawns, the sparkly star tokens, and joyful constellation illustrations including the Peculiar Otter, Impish Squid, Curious Salamander, and the Wistful Thistle.
•FOR ADULTS AND FAMILY: Perfect play for adult and families and can be played with 2-4 PLAYERS ages 10 and up. Each game takes 30-45 minutes.
•WHATS IN THE BOX: 1 Game board, 4 Telescope pawns, 4 Player boards, 4 Scoring markers, 24 Discovery markers, 2 Turn reference cards, 1 Starting player marker, 1 Star bag, 150 Star tokens, 16 Myth cards, 36 Exploration Goal cards, game instructions

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