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Freight Cars is set in the not-so-distant future where corporations have superseded governments for global control. With the dawn of improved mag-lev technology, competition on the high speed railways of America is fierce. Players take the helm of a grand shipping company delivering goods to cities around the country. Profit is the name of the game as players strive to earn the most credits. Two to four Corporations go head-to-head using Tetris-style polyomino pieces in a game that takes only 30 minutes.
•In Freight Cars, your goal is to earn the most credits by efficiently shipping trainloads of goods, satisfying the demands of America’s cities, and taking advantage of your Corporation’s specialty.
•After setting up the main play area, each player then manages their own tableau of freight as the operations of their chosen corporation. By carefully selecting freight cars among those available to everyone at the table, you can reallocate freight in a “Tetris”-like fashion—once the car is full, it hits the rails, and you score points for your company!
•Players compete by filling Freight Cars with their colored polyomino freight pieces, based on both the open-freight shapes of the cars they draw and on the cities they’re shipping to. Completed cars earn Victory Points!
•Do you have what it takes to become the future’s next major rail tycoon and steam your competition? Find out in Freight Cars!
•2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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