Frosthaven Board Game

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The only outpost in the unforgiving north is on the brink of destruction. Harried by vicious, mysterious threats on all sides, Frosthaven would need great warriors and leaders to survive the coming winter… Unfortunately, all it has is you - a group of haunted wanderers with nowhere left to go. Can you fight back th invaders and build a thriving community, or will the frost claim it all?
•Frosthaven is a cooperative campaign game of tactical combat and branching narratives in a unique fantasy world.
•You will take your party of hardened mercenaries through a vast series of scenarios offering deep game play without dice against fully automated enemies.
•Along the way, you will build up the outpost of Frosthaven, protecting its citizens from attacks through a multitude of useful structures.
•Inevitably, your mercenaries will retire, and you will continue the adventure by selecting new characters from the 17 different classes available. The possibilities of the north are near endless, and it is just waiting to be explored.
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time Per Player

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