Fuse: Countdown - A Standalone Game Or Expansion for The Original Game

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All of the fast paced gameplay from FUSE is back, with a stand alone expansion! Can be used by itself, or combined with the original game. Still only takes 10 minutes to play! Cooperative, realtime, intense gameplay with new dice & bomb cards, a new card type (Spark cards!) and unique player role cards!
•FUSE COUNTDOWN: A standalone expansion for the critically acclaimed fast paced strategy game FUSE.
•STANDALONE OR COMBINE: This expansion can either be combined with the base game or played on its own as a standalone variant.
•NEW CARDS: Bomb Cards - using some of the new features/icons. Fuse Cards - featuring multiple colors/numbers.
•GAME NIGHT OR SOLO PLAY: For 1-5 players, ages 14+ play time runs around 10 minutes per-session.

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