Gates of Delirium Board Game

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In Gates of Delirium, players will have a hand of split action cards: one side sane, and the other insane. Every round, one player will decide if it is a sane or insane round, and all players must play that side of their cards. During sane rounds, players will be searching for maps and lost pages to a secret tome, while assigning investigators to help them in their cause. During insane rounds, players collect ancient runes and work to build Gates to release the monstrosities that their sane selves have been trying so hard to understand and prevent. Earn the most victory points by the time the last monstrosity is released to be the winner in Gates of Delirium.
•Find the truth behind the ancient tomes that speak of evil monstrosities!
•Sane or Insane round? Each plays differently with separate goals and actions!
•While Sane, send your investigators or search for maps, lost pages, and the truth.
•While Insane, build gates to another dimension in order to release powerful monstrosities.
•2-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time

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