Globe Twister Board Game

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Your trip around the world has left you with unforgettable memories and memorable photos (...) unfortunately impacted by all these time zone changes. Put your discoveries back in order so you can share the chronicles of your travels! A thrilling, programming game played simultaneously about worldwide travel experiences. Enjoy the playful adventure!
•At the beginning of the game, your photographs have become jumbled during your adventures. Try to restore order as quickly as possible, using the cards at your disposal.
•At the signal, each player uses their cards in their programming frame to specify rearrangement instructions for the photo piece in that position. Rotate the piece 90° or 180°? Swap it with a piece beside it? Send it to the opposite corner? Or use a one-time ability to put it exactly where and how it should be?
•As soon as you feel you are done, flip the sand timer to make everyone else rush. Now it is time to execute your program, following the instructions you specified, in reading order.
•Finally, gather your cards for another round of programming… until someone has reconstructed their magnificent photograph!
•1-5 Players | Ages 8+ | 15 Minutes Playing Time

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