Godzilla Zippermouth Plush Figure, 8.5"

Quantum MechanixSKU: GDZ-0103

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A PREVIEWS Exclusive! While Godzilla was originally depicted as dark gray or black in color, one of his most common forms is as a big green baddie: monstrous, mean, and ready to destroy anything in his path! This Godzilla PREVIEWS Exclusive Zippermouth Plush appears of a more reptilian persuasion, but don't let first impressions fool you. Sitting 8 1/2" tall, he is one fearsome character. When unzipped, his mouth reveals a large red heat ray and a presumably equally large appetite. His bright green body, pointy gray dorsal fins covering his back, fierce felt claws, and serious brow are all part of what comes together to elevate this plush to collectible status.
•Approximately 8.5" tall
•Made of super soft polyester
•Unzip the mouth to see Godzilla's terrifying mouth!
•PX Previews Exclusive

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