Harry Potter Dark Arts Decorative Goblet

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HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE first introduced young readers and cinemagoers to the Wizarding World. Today, that Wizarding World has captured the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike. Enesco celebrates the iconic characters, creatures and charms from the global phenomenon that is HARRY POTTER and invites you to take part in the magic. The Dark Arts, also known as Dark Magic, refers to any type of magic that is mainly used to cause harm. This eerie Dark Arts Goblet captivates with color and bewitching detail and makes a fearsome addition to your Harry Potter collection.
•ENESCO DECORATIVE GOBLET: from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter collection
•DESIGN: depicts the death eater masks of Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucious Malfoy
•HAND-CRAFTED: in high-quality stone resin material and hand-painted by skilled artisans
•FEATURES: include 16 black faux gemstones that surround the goblet and a stainless-steel insert for easy cleaning; goblet is hand-wash only
•DIMENSIONS: 3.65" L x 3.64" W x 7.09" H

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