Horror Earring Set, 12-Pack


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Unleash your horror-fan spirit with this women’s Horror Movie 12-pack earring set, a chilling ensemble that encapsulates iconic elements from your favorite fright-filled movies. These earrings feature a spine-tingling variety including a red balloon, Jason’s infamous mask, Freddy Krueger’s haunting face and claws, the demonic nun, Annabelle’s eerie face, and more. Made with durable zinc alloy materials, these earrings ensure both quality and style, easily maintained by wiping them clean with a damp cloth.
•OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Indulge your horror obsession with the assurance of authenticity. These officially licensed earrings bring forth the essence of spine-chilling movie elements, faithfully representing your favorite horror classics.
•CUSTOM DESIGN: This 12-pack earring set showcases an extensive array of haunting designs, including Jason’s mask, Freddy Krueger's face and claws, Annabelle, and more. Each pair offers a distinct nod to iconic horror movies.
•12-PACK: Embrace a diversified collection featuring twelve unique pairs of earrings, each crafted to represent a particular emblem or character from renowned horror movies. This range ensures a broad selection of spine-tingling movies.
•HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: These chilling earrings are forged from durable zinc alloy materials, promising both resilience and style. With exceptional craftsmanship and robust materials, they endure multiple wears while retaining their haunting charm.
•CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Maintain the chilling allure of these accessories effortlessly. A simple wipe with a damp cloth keeps these spooky earrings looking impeccable, ensuring their sinister designs stay intact and ready for countless chilling outings.

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