Ignite Deckbuilding Board Game

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Ignite is the first game of its kind, a fast-paced, strategic, battling deckbuilder where asymmetric races battle for supremacy over the land of Oshos. All 1-8 players (Solo/co-op play only with "A New Enemy" expansion) begin with the same meager equipment and weapons. Then, through shrewd purchasing, tactical movement, opportunistic attacks, and the use of terrain effects, players match wits on the battlefield. Whoever claims the most trophies becomes the dominant race of the land. Ignite plays in roughly 15-20 minutes per experienced player.
•In Ignite, you battle miniatures across a variably built board. You must use the battlefield's terrain, your race's unique ability, and your purchased weapons, spells, and equipment to bring victory over your enemies.
•Just remember, your enemies can see every purchase, and every strategy has a counter-strategy.
•Between the varaibly built board, the unique race abilities, and the multitude of available cards, every game of Ignite is vastly different.
•2-8 Players | Ages 14+ | 15-20 Minutes Per Player

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