I'm A Little Crabby Card Game | From the Creators of Exploding Kittens

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The object of this game is to collect 4 matching cards and then secretly signal that news to your teammate. These signals can be anything from blinking to a strategic nose scratch. When your teammate sees it, they shout 'You’re a Little Crabby!' If the opposing team catches you and shouts before your teammate, the point is theirs. It’s loud, it’s rowdy, and it’s a riotous party starter that gets everyone involved and laughing.
•Part sneaky, part silly, and all about teamwork!
•A game of secret hand signals, suspicious friends, and hidden identities!
•Scratch your nose, blind three ties, tap your shoulder.
•Great for families, friends, and even or odd-numbered groups.
•4-10 Players | Ages 7+ | 15 Minutes Playing Time

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