Invincible: Escape from Mars - Intergalactic Showdown Board Game

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Based on the hit animated series on Amazon Prime from creators Robert Kirkman, Corey Walker, and Ryan Ottley, this game puts you in the position of either a hero or an astronaut attempting to escape Mars and make it back to Earth without bringing a world-destroying parasite home with you. No pressure! Invincible: Escape from Mars is a social deduction game for 4-10 players where your objective is to find your teammates, get on the rocket, and escape from Mars. But loyalties can change at any moment, including your own! As a superhero working for the Guardians of the Globe, it’s your job to make sure these brave civilians make it home safe and don’t doom all of humanity by allowing a single Sequid to infiltrate the rocket and return to Earth!
•What sets Invincible: Escape From Mars apart from other hidden identity games is the rapidly changing roles.
•One round you may be a human assisting everyone to board the ship safely. The next round you could turn into the “Sequids” alien species trying to sabotage the mission… only to be caught by the humans and turned back into a human again. This goes on and on and hilarity ensues!
•Prepare for lots of finger pointing accusations as players try to eliminate the Sequids!
•With rounds lasting 20-45 minutes, Invincible: Escape From Mars keeps the action intense and the suspense high. Achieve 3 victories as astronauts or Sequids before round seven, or launch the rocket in a nail-biting finish!
•Great For Fun Family Game Night: Great for fans of Invincible and hidden role games! Use your negotiation skills to navigate the challenges, get on the rocket, and Escape From Mars.

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