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In Istanbul, the players move through the bazaar district as eager merchants. If you want to jump into the hustle and bustle here, you can do so with the Istanbul: Big Box. This complete package contains the basic game and both expansions ( Brief & Siegel and Mocha & Baksheesh ) and thus enables the game to be played on a 5x5 square bazaar.
•Use your assistants well in this strategy game and collect the rubies faster than your opponents!
•Move your merchant and his assistants, use those assistants to carry out actions, and collect goods & rubies in your wheelbarrow.
•This big box contains the basic game as well as both expansions (Brief & Siegel and Mocha & Baksheesh)
•This bundle allows you to play the game on a 5x5 square bazaar.
•2-5 Players | Ages 10+ | 40-80 Minutes Playing Time

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