Juicy Fruits: Mystic Island Expansion

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You have discovered a mysterious island not far from your own, and have named it Mystic Island. The strange monkey statues dotting it are remnants of an ancient fruit-worshipping society. Can you time the movement of your explorer across this island well enough to score additional points from the statues? This expansion for Juicy Fruits includes 3 modules! In addition to the Mystic Island module, it offers a boulder module and several exciting new business tokens.
•Add new juice to your Juicy Fruits game with three expansion modules
•MODULAR EXPANSION: Juicy Fruits expanded. Elevate your gaming experience with this Juicy Fruits Mystic Island. Juicy Fruits base game is required to play this expansion!
•DISCOVER MYSTIC ISLAND with your new explorer to get bonus statue tiles. Unlock new levels of excitement and challenge as you explore the mysteries of Mystic Island!
•SOLO OR GROUP GAMEPLAY: 30-minute playtime. Play Mystic Island by yourself or with a group
•1-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 20-50 Minutes Playing Time

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